3 Things to Know When Carrying Out a Truck Trailer Maintenance Service

Many truck trailer owners are not aware of the importance of carrying out regular truck trailer maintenance. Neglecting this essential task can result in increased wear and tear on an already expensive asset, as well as a reduction in fuel efficiency. 

Regularly carrying out inspection and upkeep tasks ensures that your truck trailer remains safe, efficient, and reliable for years to come. When carrying out truck trailer maintenance, here are factors to consider;

  • The kind of work the truck trailer undertakes

  • The load it carries

  • The age, make, or model of your truck 

  • Your budget for maintenance tasks

When carrying out truck trailer maintenance, the most critical step is looking for a professional maintenance services provider. Other qualities to look for are honesty, transparency, reliability, and experience.

What Does the Expert Do?

A truck trailer maintenance specialist will carry out a comprehensive inspection of the truck's tires, brakes, lights, windows, belts, and hoses. They can also offer mechanical checks on your air system and provide an evaluation of any corrosion or damage that may have been overlooked. Some tasks to undertake include:

  • Inspecting the frame of the truck trailer for cracks or corrosion 

  • Checking air pressure on tires and brake pads and fluid levels, including engine oil and windshield fluid

  • Checking the lights and mirrors

  • Inspecting the trailer wiring for corrosion or damage

  • Checking that all bolts are tight, nuts are secure, and in working order with no loose parts

When Should Truck Trailer Maintenance Be Carried Out?

A thorough inspection before any major trip is crucial. Also, carry out thorough checks every few months. This will include inspecting all the fluids, checking the tires, and replacing any worn parts. 

The expert usually offers scheduled maintenance services, and it's important to honor the set timetable. The schedule is divided into three parts. There are safety inspections carried out more often, probably after a month or two, then there are services scheduled after several months.

Once a year, the service provider schedules a more thorough inspection and maintenance service that makes the trailer look and function like it did when new. 

How Much Should the Service Cost?

The cost depends on the type of maintenance work and the issues to be resolved. A yearly maintenance schedule might cost more because it's more involving than a monthly check.

It might cost you some money to maintain the trailer in good shape, but this will prevent major issues that might cost more. Reach out to a trailer service, like A 24-7 Repair Services, to get an inspection.