Creative Ways To Add More Light To A Dim Room

If you have a room that always seems a bit dim and dark, your first thought may be to use brighter bulbs in the overhead light or to replace the overhead light with a larger one. Either of these approaches would work, in most cases. But if you want to get a bit more creative, there are other ways to add light to a dim room. Take a look at these options.

Corner Lamps

Turn the existing lights on, and pay attention to what parts of the room, in particular, seem to be dimly lit. More often than not, it's the corners. Light bounces off the walls and never really makes it into the corners too well. A good option in this case is to purchase a few floor lamps and set one up in each corner. You can find lamps with slim profiles that barely take up space or ones with a thicker base that call more attention to themselves — there's a corner lamp to suit every style.

Wall Sconces

Maybe the corners are not too poorly lit, but there's one wall that seems to be darker. A good option in this case is to install a few wall sconces. Typically, you install these lower on the wall, and they cast light upward. They not only illuminate the wall but also the ceiling above them. Sconces can be a good choice for lighting up some artwork or other decor that you don't want to go unnoticed on a wall.

String Lights

String lights are often associated with holiday decor. However, they can also be a creative way to illuminate part of a room year-round if you go about it in the right way. Do you have a tree or a house plant in your room? Wrap some string lights around it, and it instantly starts doubling as a decor and a light source. Another option is to run some string lights along the crown molding at the top of the walls, where they meet the ceiling. This will create a glow higher up in the room while also casting some light downward. It can give the room a unique, artistic look. 

Don't be afraid to get creative with your indoor residential lighting! Lights can do a lot more than let you see. They can also serve as decor and help you give your space a more unique and custom vibe.