5 Dangerous Reasons To Leave Flood Cleanup To Professionals

Flooding can be dangerous, even after the waters begin to recede. It doesn't matter if the flood was from a broken pipe, backed up sewer line, or a weather event — there are many hazards that can be hiding in your home or left behind by the water, which is why flood cleaning should be done by a professional.

1. Electrical Hazards

One overlooked but deadly hazard is electrical hazards. Water conducts electricity, and even walking through a small puddle can result in a deadly shock if the flood has shorted out any part of your home's electrical system. Professionals know how to mitigate electrical hazards and how to protect themselves in the event that anything in the flooded area is still holding a charge.

2. Sewage

The flood doesn't have to be caused by a sewer line backup for there to be sewage present. Weather-related flooding often overwhelms drains in a home or carries sewage from the outdoors. Exposure to this sewage can lead to the contraction of infectious diseases and serious illnesses. Professionals have the proper protective gear and the tools to disinfect the flooded area.

3. Mold Concerns

Mold is always present in the form of spores, but those spores don't pose a concern until they are activated by moisture. Flooding can lead to out-of-control mold and mildew growth, which can cause respiratory issues in many people. Your cleaning service has the tools to quickly dry out and clean the flooded area so mold is controlled before it becomes a major issue.

4. Chemical Toxins

Floodwaters can carry many chemical toxins, including fertilizer residues, pesticides, and other toxins. These toxins are often a problem with flooding from weather events, but they can be present after even a burst pipe if the area flooded was a garage or shop area in the basement. Chemicals can irritate the skin, cause respiratory issues, or result in long-term health concerns, so it is best to leave the cleanup to the professionals.

5. Hidden Dangers

Hidden dangers are more of a problem if not all of the water has receded since there can be sharp objects and obstructions hiding just beneath the water's surface. There may also be hidden dangers if the flood brought in a lot of mud or debris from outside of the home. Care, knowledge, and skill are needed to safely navigate and clean up the mess.

Contact a property flood cleaning service if you need help following a flood in your home.