4 Signs Of Plumbing Leaks In Your Home And Why You Might Need Restoration Services

Plumbing leaks in a house can be frustrating, especially if they remain hidden for some time. Undiscovered leaks end up causing costly damage. Therefore, you should be vigilant and look for warning signs of plumbing leaks. If you suspect leaks in your house, it is advisable to contact water damage restoration professionals to identify the water source, get rid of it, and save your home from destruction. The following are indicators that you need restoration services due to leaks.

1. Blistering Paint or Wallpaper

Dry paint or wallpaper remains firmly stuck to the walls. If it starts peeling or blistering suddenly, this might indicate hidden leaks and the need for restoration services. Generally, wood and most materials used for construction absorb water, which means your house might start rotting and warping, and you might need to replace the entire structure.

2. Stains

Once in a while, you could make it a habit of visually inspecting your home, including less frequented rooms like the basement. If you notice dried rings or wet patches on the walls and floors, this might be a sign of a leak. In addition, the dark stains left by long-standing water can be unsightly and may be accompanied by mold growth. Therefore, consider scheduling an appointment with water damage restoration professionals and a plumber to rectify the issue and prevent further damage.

3. Rusty Pipes and Metal

Have nails in your walls turned brown? Metallic water pipes also change color when exposed to dampness inside walls. This may indicate hidden leakage within your home. Look for other signs of moisture, such as mold growth, sagging ceilings, and unexplained water pools, which might explain the cause of rusty metal. The restoration experts will examine your home to identify the source of the leak, resolve the issue, and restore your house.

4. Mold Growth

Mold grows in damp environments. Unfortunately, mold spores only take a few hours to settle and begin reproducing. If you constantly test your home for mold, the rapid spread of the fungi and spores could be caused by water leakage. Mold can affect your health by causing respiratory problems and allergies. It can also reduce the appeal of your walls and floors by staining and peeling the paint. However, the restoration experts can deal with the leak and mold problem ASAP.

Do you suspect a plumbing leak on your property? You should respond on time to minimize damage. Consider calling water damage restoration contractors as soon as possible to save money and prevent further destruction of your property.  

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