Make Sure Your Remodeled Kitchen Is Easy To Work In

When you have your kitchen remodeled, you of course want the end result to look good. However, looks are not everything. You also want to make sure your remodeled kitchen is a functional, enjoyable place to cook and spend time. Here are some remodeling tips that will help ensure that it is.

Utilize a kitchen triangle.

If you talk to interior designers about laying out a kitchen, they will often recommend using something called a kitchen triangle. Your oven, sink, and fridge form the points of the triangle. The paths between them are the sides of the triangle. If you keep your oven, sink, and fridge in a triangle in this manner, you will have an easier time bouncing back between them all, which is important since they are the most frequently used elements of your kitchen.

Choose a non-slip, but not overly textured flooring material.

Pay close attention to your flooring material choice as it will have a bigger effect on how you use your kitchen than you'd think. A floor that's too textured will hold onto crumbs and be hard to clean. A floor that is too slick and smooth may cause you to slide if someone spills water on it. What you want is kitchen flooring with some grip, but no heavy texture.

Make your drawers different depths.

When you are working with your cabinet designer to design cabinets for your home, pay close attention to how you have the drawers designed. You should have some deep drawers, some shallow drawers, and some medium-depth drawers included in your kitchen design. This way, you can choose the appropriate size drawers for all of your different items. You won't have to struggle to fit a big item in a small drawer or fill your big drawers with tiny items.

Include some open shelves.

Replace one or two of your open cabinets with a couple of open shelves. This way, you'll have a shelf where you can put the items you use most often. You won't have to open the cabinet over and over again to take those frequently used items out. This will often save you time when cooking.

If you implement the ideas above when designing your kitchen, you should end up with a very functional, usable space. Talk to your home remodeling team to learn more about these ideas and how they can be integrated into your unique kitchen.