Guidelines For Complete Restoration When A Fire Leaves Smoke Stains On Your Premises

Damage from a fire is one of the most destructive things that can affect your home. Of course, fire comes with smoke stains which are tough to manage. Typically, smoke damage entails smoke and soot on the walls, countertops, ceiling, and upholstery. However, smoke damage varies depending on the intensity of the fire, and therefore, dealing with each situation is different. Here are some guidelines to help you restore your home once it has suffered smoke damage.

Handling Smoke from Burning Plastic

Wet smoke arises from the low-heat flames produced when you burn rubber and plastics. It has a distinctive and pungent smell. Additionally, the fumes from burning plastic are thick and black, which could destroy your property severely. Leaving the smoke damage for too long on the surfaces leads to corrosion of the metallic components of the home. Sometimes the smoke is greasy, making it hard to clean up. It is best to let a professional handle the cleanup because they know the ideal products to use.

Remediating Protein Smoke

Protein smoke is what comes off when you burn organic matter. This smoke will result from kitchen mishaps, like someone burning food while cooking. It is one of the worst types of smoke because it is largely invisible. That means you won't notice huge or prominent dark stains on your walls that are indicative of smoke damage. Instead, you will notice a slight discoloration on the walls and a pungent smell. Professional smoke damage remediators understand how to manage this type of smoke damage. So even if the stains aren't noticeable, it is crucial to allow remediation experts to remove the unpleasant smell.

Managing Damage from Petroleum Products

Fuel smoke comes from the burning of any fuel or petroleum product. This smoke is rare in residential and commercial spaces. However, it can happen when a gas station or garage burns down. It is the worst category of smoke to deal with because it does not get off easily. The only way to handle the damage is by replacing the fabrics that came into contact with the smoke. The smoke is also thick and sticky, and once it gets onto a surface, it is close to impossible to remove.

Dealing with smoke damage is tedious to handle without professional help. So if faced with a fire accident, allow the experts to remediate the smoke for you to ensure an excellent outcome. They will ensure that you get your house back in the state it was before the damage.

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