5 Reasons To Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you have carpet in your home, then it is important to consider annual carpet cleaning. Many people opt to schedule in fall so that the soil of summer is cleaned out before the winter season of more time indoors begins. 

1. Longer Life

One of the best reasons to have a professional cleaning annually is that it can extend the life of the carpet. Soil in the carpet can prematurely break down and weaken the fibers. It will also work its way into the carpet padding, which makes it nearly impossible to remove the grime. By cleaning regularly, damaging dirt does not become trapped, so the carpet has a longer service life. 

2. Stain Removal

Stubborn stains will often darken over time if you do not address them immediately. They can also settle into the carpet, making them nearly impossible to remove. Professionals have access to solvents that aren't available on the consumer market, so often even set stains can be removed with the right professional touch. Effective and prompt treatment of stains by a carpet cleaning service can help keep the carpet looking new. 

3. Allergy Prevention

Pet dander, pollen, and mold can take refuge in carpeting. If anyone in your home has allergies, the presence of these allergens can make them miserable. Even healthy people can suffer minor respiratory distress from the presence of mold and other irritants in the carpeting. Regular carpet cleaning removes these allergens and prevents them from accumulating. The result is a much more allergy-friendly home and better health for everyone. 

4. Odor Elimination 

If your home seems to have a persistent stale or musty odor that you can't track down, the culprit could very well be the carpet. The fibers in your carpet can absorb the odors of daily life, from cooking smells to body and pet odors. Eventually, this buildup can become overwhelming and stinky. Regular cleaning removes odor-causing contaminants from the carpets so that they always smell fresh and clean.

5. Easier Maintenance

A regularly cleaned carpet is much easier to maintain. The carpet is kept fluffy and smooth by regular cleaning, which makes it much easier to vacuum. Many cleaners also treat carpeting with a stain guard product, which reduces the formation of new stains and makes it much simpler to remove minor stains and spills yourself. 

Contact a professional carpet cleaning service in your area to schedule an appointment.