Water Damage- It Happens Quickly

Water is one of the most destructive forces in nature. Homeowners have a tendency to think that it takes time for water to cause significant damage in a home. The truth of the matter is that damage can occur as soon as water leaks or floods into your living space.

Since water damage can happen so quickly, it's important that you are prepared to identify and restore damaged items in your home.


Water often leaves behind stains when it is removed from your home. As soon as the water starts to build up within your living space, your belongings are at risk of being stained. Carpets, furniture upholstery, and paper goods are most vulnerable to immediate staining. Some types of water stains can be eliminated by water damage restoration specialists while others may persist. The faster you are able to remove the water from your home and start the restoration process, the less long-term staining you will have to cope with in the future.


Many of the materials that can be found within your home are porous. This means that they have the ability to absorb moisture when exposed to water. Some of the most prominent porous materials found in residential properties include wood flooring, wood furniture, drywall, doors, and window frames. These porous components will begin to bulge and swell as they absorb water. Bulging and swelling can lead to the eventual warping of the material. Warping can be very difficult to reverse. Most materials that are affected by significant warping need to be replaced as part of the restoration process. A water damage restoration company called in to make immediate repairs may be able to use industrial fans and dehumidifiers to pull moisture out of porous materials and prevent warping.


Water damage in a home isn't always caused by a clean water source. Floodwaters are often referred to as black water. Black water contains elements that could pose a threat to your health and safety. Sewage, bacteria, and bloodborne pathogens can be found in black water. Anything that is touched by black water immediately becomes contaminated. You will have to throw these water-damaged items away and contact a restoration team that specializes in handling biohazard cleanups to help you fully restore your home after any black water contamination occurs. Water damage begins the moment floodwaters or leaks come into contact with the materials inside your home.

Rely on a water damage restoration company to help you cope with the aftermath of water damage.