3 Common Gas Oven Issues

If you cook daily, you need an oven that is working correctly. When it starts to act up, it is essential to understand what is happening and what you need to do to get it working correctly.

Issue #1: Not Heating Up

To cook with your oven, you need it to preheat so that you can cook your food. If it is not heating up and you have a gas oven, you more than likely have a faulty ignitor. Inside of your oven, there is an ignitor that lights up the gas that is flowing through your oven. If the ignitor is not working properly, your stove will be releasing gas without heating up at all.

If your stove is not heating up, you will want to bring in a professional appliance repair technician to change out the igniter located inside the unit.

Issue #2: Oven Not Heating Correctly

When you heat your oven, you need it to heat up quickly to the desired temperature and maintain it. Not maintaining a consistent temperature can result in food that cooks unevenly and doesn't turn out right.

With a gas oven, that more than likely means you have a faulty temperature sensor. You will need a professional to replace the temperature sensor. If that doesn't address the issue, the temperature for your unit may need to be calibrated.

Issue #3: Oven Light Will Not Turn On

If your oven light doesn't turn on when you open up the door or press the light button, you need to switch out the light bulb more than likely. In most units, the light bulb is located in the back of the oven and covers it. To access the light bulb, you will need your range to be cool, and you will need to pull out the racks, remove the cover, and change the light.

If your light bulb isn't working after you replace it, you probably have some sort of electrical fault. You could have a faulty light switch, bad connecting wires, or an issue with your electronic control system. This will require a repair person to address and fix.

If you have a gas oven and aren't heating up, you need to change the ignition switch. If the range isn't heating correctly or evenly, you may have a faulty temperature sensor. If your oven light isn't working after changing the bulb, you probably have an electrical issue with your oven. In all of these situations, you should bring in a professional appliance repair person to assist you.