Fire Damage Repairs to Build Your Home Better Than Before

When your home has been in a fire, the damage can be difficult to deal with. Therefore, you want to build it back better than before to ensure everything is in good shape. There are some improvements and upgrades that can give you a more fire-resistant home. The following options will help you rebuild your home better after a fire:

Evaluating the Damage and Fire Hazards

Before you get started with restorations, you will need to evaluate the fire damage. When evaluating the damage to your home, you also want to look for areas where there are potential future problems. These include vulnerable areas that have more fuel for fires to spread and potential causes. These are the areas where you want to do upgrades and improvements when repairing the fire damage.

Upgrading Mechanical Installations

There are also mechanical installations that can be upgraded when repairing fire damage. Some areas are more vulnerable to fire damage, and these areas may have things like electrical wiring. You can upgrade mechanical systems with features like conduits, fire suppression systems, and fire-retardant treatments around utility rooms. These improvements can help update your home's mechanical systems with fire-resistant features.

Using More Fire-Resistant Finishes

When you are installing new finishes inside or outside, you want to consider materials that are more fire-resistant. The exterior may be one of the first areas where you want to consider using different finishes. Metal is one of the best options to consider for your exterior finishes. For the interior of your home, you may want to use brick, tile, and other fire-resistant materials. You can use more fire-resistant finishes around high-prone areas like fireplaces, stoves, and in the kitchen. These features will make your home safer and more resistant to fire.

Adding the Right Fire Suppression Systems

Sometimes, the best way to prevent fires is with sprinklers and fire suppression systems. There are different areas of your home where you may want to install a fire suppression system in your home. These areas include kitchens and rooms where there are fire hazards. In addition, modern smoke and gas sensors can also be installed to alert you of any hazards in your home before they cause damage.

The improvements you make to your rebuilt home can make it more resistant to fire after repairing the damage. Contact a fire damage restoration service, such as Parkside Restoration, to start planning the renovations that need to be done to your home.