4 Things A Water Intrusion Restoration Service Can Do

No one ever plans to encounter water damage. However, a broken pipe or a sudden rainstorm can cause flooding in your home. When water gets into your house, you need to act fast to minimize and repair the resultant damage. An emergency water damage restoration company can help. These companies are standing by, ready to help at any time of the day. Here are four things a water intrusion restoration service can do for you:

1. Stop the water at its source.

When water damage occurs, the first and most important step is to prevent more water from entering your home. Until the source of the water is stopped, the damage will continue to worsen. In the case of heavy rainfall, not much can be done. However, burst and leaking pipes can be fixed by someone with plumbing expertise. People who specialize in emergency water intrusion restoration have the plumbing skills necessary to repair leaks. You can help by shutting off the water main switch to your home before your water damage expert arrives.

2. Remove water from your home.

Once flooding has been stopped at the source, the next step is removing water from your home. This process is very important, and it should be completed as quickly as possible. A water damage restoration service will use wet vacuums to suck up water for removal. The water damage restoration team can even remove water from porous materials such as carpets.

3. Clean and sanitize surfaces in your home.

Ideally, your home would be flooded with clean water, but that's not always the case. Rainwater often contains particulates from the air and ground, which can contaminate your home. A burst sewer pipe may contain human waste, which is a biohazard. Fortunately, an emergency water damage restoration service can thoroughly clean your home. They will use safe solvents to clean and sanitize your floors and furniture. Unfortunately, some items, such as clothing and throw pillows, may be permanently destroyed. If desired, the water damage company can throw these items away for you.

4. Prevent mold growth.

When flooding occurs, mold is a pressing concern. Mold grows from spores that can float through the air. It thrives in damp places, such as a house that has sustained water damage. Your water damage restoration team will help you prevent mold by setting up powerful dehumidifiers. These dehumidifiers will help dry your house by removing moisture from the air. When used in conjunction with air scrubbers, dehumidifiers can also prevent unwanted, stale odors from developing in your home.

To learn more, contact a 24/7 water intrusion restoration company.